Thursday, 18 November 2010

::: Steps to Ownership

"Buying a holiday home involves following these simple steps if your holiday experience is to be thoroughly enjoyed"

  • Choose the correct holiday location. With so many high quality holiday parks scattered throughout the country, it is essential that you pick an area which meets your holiday needs but which isn’t too far from home or family.
  • Choose the correct type of holiday park. Our parks vary in nature, with each offering a unique holiday experience. The larger parks have more facilities and a more communal atmosphere, whilst the smaller ones tend to be quieter and better suited for children and older couples.
  • Find a holiday home that is within your budget and which best meets your family’s holiday needs. Consider not only the cost of purchasing your holiday home but the various yearly costs of keeping it on park (such as site fees, insurance, utility charges etc). Are these costs affordable and will you make use of your holiday home in the long run?
  • Consider the legal responsibilities of caravan ownership carefully. Should you purchase a holiday home you will receive a Licence Agreement which sets out the contractual terms under which a holiday home can be stationed on a park. Important terms include the level of site fee and the length of time you may keep your caravan on a park (12 years on Coastdale Parks).
  • Remember that you cannot live in your holiday home. They are not designed for permanent occupation and none of our parks have residential planning permissions.